Amplify Austin (#AmplifyATX) began last night in Austin, Texas.  It is an intense 24 hours when over 600 nonprofits will attempt to raise $9 million. You have to be totally disconnected to not know about it.  My email box is full of requests and many of my friends have turned into individual donors for their favorite nonprofit.   Many cities have this type of campaign; The Seattle Foundation holds the Give Big Day, San Antonio has the Big Give S.A, and Omaha has the Omaha Gives. I am sure your community has one also.

The purpose of the community-wide initiative is to gain awareness of needs in the community and challenge people to become philanthropic.  It is a fun way to engage people in giving by leveraging additional funds and energizing the nonprofit community to ask for gifts.

When participating in these types of events, consider the following:

  1. Big Giveevents are a great way to learn about organizations that are addressing your passion areas. Take some time and scroll through their database and uncover some organizations you want to support.
  2. It is a great way to test out an organization. Make a minimal gift to the organization and see how they respond. Do they acknowledge your gift? Do they try to engage you? Is it an organization you want to have a deeper relationship with?
  3. Big Givedays are a great way to double your gift. Many organizations have donors who will match your gift. If you are passionate about a nonprofit, ask them if there are any matching opportunities. Better yet, offer to leverage your gift and multiply new donor gifts.
  4. If you own a company, consider holding a party for your employees and ask them to make a gift to one of their favorite organizations on the day of your community’s big give. This will promote your staff to be engaged in philanthropic activities.

Time for me to end this blog so that I can go make my list of who I am going to support.  Enjoy giving!